What if you could have more delinquent accounts placed with your firm without having to hire salespeople, cold call, or run ads on Facebook or Google?

We help commercial collections agencies get more exclusive collection accounts using LTS Key Collections Account System
Develop your Irresistible offer. The perfect angle. Better messaging. More clients.
Our Results
163 requests for more info through LinkedIn
36 new requests for info through email
10 demo calls completed
16 appointments booked
1 new sale

Fill your inbox (over time) with debt buyers and seller accounts that will make you successful.

How It Works
Personalized emails and LinkedIn messages. No spamming.
We do the legwork for you by researching each prospect and personalizing all messages on LinkedIn and email in your voice..

We know how important it is to make an excellent first impression with many people nowadays -- why let anyone else take charge when this matters as much?
Hyper-targeted leads

We build hyper-personalized B2B prospect lists based on your ideal client profile. Using our proprietary database, we are able to target financial decision-makers in any industry and location.

Warm leads who are ready the pay you!
The time you spend on the phone is well worth it because they are already 80% convinced and ready to go.
What it takes to work with us?

Understanding your business

Super simple on-boarding.

We'll create the customer personas and systems for you to ensure that we send personalized LinkedIn and email messages.

We nurture your marketing campaign with targeted messages so that you can make more sales faster.

Constructing the system

We want to make sure your project is fool-proof and successful.

This means we work on:

  • Building landing page funnels that pre-qualify prospects
  • Writing email scripts
  • Adding case studies

Making a seamless workflow so that everyone stays on the same page!

Integrating & Implementing

Your sales team will spend less time on administration with the LTS Key Collections Account System.

The system is designed to help you get your accounts smarter and more efficiently by saving them all in one place so that they can be accessed at any given moment during a campaign.

This is one of our most popular features because it helps you grow your client list even when you're asleep!

The system works by streamlining every step in the process so that everything from:

  • finding a new lead
  • qualifying the lead
  • making an appointment
  • following up and nurturing can be done quickly.

The clever design of this software means you'll never need to hire additional sales staff--everything is tracked automatically!

How do I get started?

Start with a free discovery call to see what’s best for your goals & budgets.

What's the pricing?

Monthly retainer + commission % on closed deals.

Is there a guarantee?

If we don’t deliver in 45 days, you get your full refund + $100

You don't have to worry about working leads that have been placed with another collections agencies, all leads are exclusive!

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